Sunday, August 31, 2008

BLACK lips is CHIC!

The new trend for fall is black lips! no joke, Brand names like Lancome and YSL came up with their version of black lip glosses. Actually, even though has been a hit with dark gothic looks in the runway, i was surprised to see this. I mean, i think of the goth kids in school when i see this, though its supposed to be a more "polished sophisticated" look. In YSL's fall runway looks the model's have very pale fair skin, and eye covering hair to compliment the lips. The look, does look pretty chic on the runway, but i wonder how this would look on a lady walking on the streets of daily life. I dont expect to see a lot of people with this look and i dont think the labels do either, the lipglosses are limited edition, only 500 sets are available at, and you have to pre-order the lancome version online only. The lancome "phila" gloss is glittery and is meant to be layered over a red lipstick that comes with it while the YSL "pur noir" is meant to be put on straight from the tube. If you are bold give it a try!


VanityTreasure said...

Black lips are pretty cool-looking, but I personally think it only suits fair or very fair ladies. Oh, and also black hair. (must come in a set!)

Maybe I should give this a try this winter! :P


ALINA said...

haha i agree! every time i see a picture of black lips in a magazine the model HAS to have PALE skin and DARK hair to match.