Saturday, August 23, 2008

If its a trend, toss it out!

Daphne Guinness was sharing her anti-mass fashion philosophy, declaring "once something is a must-have, I want to put it in the bin"...


I totally agree with her!, I hate when things are trends and everyone around you wears the same thing or look. When i see someone wear something like me i instantly feel like i have to change my look in one form or another. I don't feel unique, but a follower of the current phase of the people you are surrounded with everyday. This doesn't mean i like current fashion, because there is a difference between the latest fashions and trends. I remember back in high school everyone had the everything match thing going on that made me want to puke with their fake patent leather crap. Currently i see trends around me like the animal print thing. I liked it when not a lot if any around me wore animal prints but now they are in every cheapo store available and all those people who wore the fake patent leather crap wore animal print! I just like the feeling of being somewhat unique because we all know there are going to people out there that dress like you.

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