Sunday, August 31, 2008

BLACK lips is CHIC!

The new trend for fall is black lips! no joke, Brand names like Lancome and YSL came up with their version of black lip glosses. Actually, even though has been a hit with dark gothic looks in the runway, i was surprised to see this. I mean, i think of the goth kids in school when i see this, though its supposed to be a more "polished sophisticated" look. In YSL's fall runway looks the model's have very pale fair skin, and eye covering hair to compliment the lips. The look, does look pretty chic on the runway, but i wonder how this would look on a lady walking on the streets of daily life. I dont expect to see a lot of people with this look and i dont think the labels do either, the lipglosses are limited edition, only 500 sets are available at, and you have to pre-order the lancome version online only. The lancome "phila" gloss is glittery and is meant to be layered over a red lipstick that comes with it while the YSL "pur noir" is meant to be put on straight from the tube. If you are bold give it a try!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The blunt bang:
Lately I've taken onto a liking for the blunt bang hairdo, and I really really hate that my face shape isn't right for this style. I have a square face and i loathe that cant do this, i am stuck with the side swept bang forever!! I am so sick of the sideswept its everywhere!!!

The sept issue of vouge:
OMG is this serious?! i have never seen a bigger magazine in my life. this 798 page issue full to the brim with advertisements. Dont get me wrong ilike looking at ads but this is overwhelming! Its bigger than the bible! the mag wieghs like a brick and the articles are buried inside and i cant find them.

Wrong people wearing high waisted jeans:
the picture sums up what i mean by wearing these jeans the wrong way. I dont feel that girls with big bums and fronts should wear this type of jean niether should the short. No offense to them but this makes them looks trashy. Save this jean for the long and lean please.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Krispy kreme GRASS flip flops?

So, I was reading today's issue of "inTouch weekly", and i came across a short article about how Krispy Kreme the doughnut chain, created a flip flop that lined on the inside with real live grass! I thought this was a joke at first but apparently they were serious about this flip flop. They have questioned over a thousand UK urbanties about stress, and most felt they were stressed due to the fact that they have lost contact with mother nature. Thats how they got the idea for this shoe:
this lets city folk, literally walk on grass. Each flip flop takes three weeks to grow with over 5,000 blades of grass. With maitenence the grass will live up four months. What a funny idea, watering and occasionally trimming your flip flops! this makes me think of "chia pets" a whole lot:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yamamba vs. "scene queen"

There has been a dramatic fashion trend in Japan called the yamamba:
These girls LOVE crazy rainbow colored hair,
tan dark skin with white makeup,
fake eye lashes,
disney cartoons,
fake plastic jewelry.
These yamamba girls stick out from a crowd like a sore thumb,
and look like they don't shower.

There has been a dramatic fashion trend in USA called the "scene":
These girls love crazy rainbow hair,
pale pale skin with DARK eye makeup,
fake eyelashes,
japanese cartoons,
fake plastic jewelry.
These girls stick out in a crowd like a sore thumb,
and look like they don't shower.

what other similarities do they have?
they both look like trash

Saturday, August 23, 2008

If its a trend, toss it out!

Daphne Guinness was sharing her anti-mass fashion philosophy, declaring "once something is a must-have, I want to put it in the bin"...


I totally agree with her!, I hate when things are trends and everyone around you wears the same thing or look. When i see someone wear something like me i instantly feel like i have to change my look in one form or another. I don't feel unique, but a follower of the current phase of the people you are surrounded with everyday. This doesn't mean i like current fashion, because there is a difference between the latest fashions and trends. I remember back in high school everyone had the everything match thing going on that made me want to puke with their fake patent leather crap. Currently i see trends around me like the animal print thing. I liked it when not a lot if any around me wore animal prints but now they are in every cheapo store available and all those people who wore the fake patent leather crap wore animal print! I just like the feeling of being somewhat unique because we all know there are going to people out there that dress like you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tights Tights and more Tights!!

I think tights are the most amazing thing to add to an outfit you want to show legs.
they give you the ability to wear super short dresses without feeling like a skank, and they put you at ease when you think your buttocks are going to fly out. Also, i am talking about the colored kind NOT the nude opaque kind. Nude tights are gross and not in style right now, and frankly they just make your legs look so really bad and your feet too, so much i cannot explain. I always have a pair of black opaque tights handy when i wear a dress or short shorts. I hope tights never go out of style because i feel they bring a short outfit together and has an air of mystery. There are rules to wear this style though, your outfit has to be above knee otherwise you'll look like a granny.
I really like leggy looks because im short and it makes me look taller. Those already with super long legs look even leaner, which is never a bad thing.
Patterned tights are ALL the rage right now in high fashion, but hasnt really caught on with the general public yet. I get really excited whenever i flip through a magazine and see tights, sometimes i hold my breath because I'm awaiting a new tight style, and hte fact that i worry if ;
they say its out of style. Gladly this fall they are still "IN"!! Here is a look from Dolce&Gabanna:

and Nicole Miler:

SO PRETTY!! I absolutley love the tartan D&G tights, now i would not dress as bold as shown on the runway but it would be great with a plain outfit, so it would a splash of color and pattern, amazing! The Nicole Miller one, which is lacey is great with any short outfit, which is just plain georgous. Hopefully this style will be "in" for a long days to come as it has already lasted a good 2 years.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The $1000 Dollar ice cream sundae

( a little off topic but i felt like writing about it)

Its THE most expensive ice cream sundae in the world, Served at "Serendipity" in New York. The name of this is the Grand Opulence, fit for royalty. Who would spend a thousand bucks on ice cream? Well according to Serendipity they sell about 1 sundae a month.

The reason for the high price is the luxurious ingredients from all over the world. This ice cream has it all, ice cream from thaiti, chocolate made with Carribean coco beans, candied fruit from paris, truffles, marzipan cherries, but that is not the best part. All those ingredients are covered with 23k edible GOLD! GOLD! and a tiny bowl of special sweet caviar infused with passion fruit, orange and Armagnac, fresh of course. this is eaten with a 18k gold spoon and a tiny mother of pearl spoon.
I've got to say though, why would anyone want to EAT gold?! I mean its a metal that your body can not digest so you eat gold then poop it out! Oh goodness, I just got an image in my head of somebody sifting through their toliet bowl with a strainer like gold diggers HAHA! Hey you must get it back and make jewerly with it! The gold is so wasted, when you flush the toilet and the gold just sits in the septec tank. I geuss in the end if you can afford to eat gold then why not!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Plastic Surgery Barbie.

(I know that the subject of plastic surgery has been blogged to death but i have to put my 2 cents worth)

This entry has been inspired by this video clip I saw recently on youtube:

How far would a woman go for beauty? I've noticed that there has been a boom in popularity for plastic surgery in Asia,or maybe i am just noticing it. I've seen pictures of a lot of female Asian stars and they all look eerily the same! They thrive for the European face, and that frightens me a bit. I have nightmares of Asia with a generic robotic face that doesn't have any expression at all. Most Asians (that I've noticed) wanted nose jobs because they think their nose it too wide. My nose is somewhat wide, but I've learned to like it! PLUS guys actually like the wide, not so narrow nose on girls anyways! i have two pieces of evidence FROM European men! I saw the Xiaxue video clip where she gets a nose job and she says " my boyfriend says that a flat nose looks good on girls because it is more feminine" anyone who knows Xiaxue knows her BF is white. Second piece is from my very own Bf that tells me everyday that my nose is beautiful. Now all this talking about plastic surgery is making me think of the queen of all plastic surgery, the self proclaimed "Barbie" ( no not talking about Dawn Yang! HAHA)

Her name is Sarah Burge from the UK and here are some of the procedures she has done (info and picture taken from

· Whole face lasered to remove layer of skin to give a youthful look - $14,000

· Gortex filler threaded into frown lines around nose and mouth -$8000

· Dermabrasion to whole face – a procedure where skin is sanded to remove the top layer, makes the face look younger - $8000

· Facelift a half inch cut was made in front of each ear, the skin over the face pulled tight then sown back to the front of the ear - $11,000

· Another face lift as one side looked lop-sided, so a similar nip-tuck was carried out - $11,000

· A solid silicone implant was fed into each cheek through the mouth to avoid scars on the face - $12,000

· Liposuction to chin and neck. Fat was sucked out through a catheter-type tube - $6,000

· A silicone implant was again fed through the mouth into the chin - $11,000

· Liposuction to make jaw look more defined - $6000

· Upper lip and surrounding areas dermabraded to ward off lines - $6000

· Laser treatment on teeth - $7000

· Uper eye lift (blepharoplasty). Excess skin was cut out from the lid and folds stitched together - $9000

· Lower eye area lased twice on different occasions to get rid of wrinkles - $12,000

· Nose job after it was broken in an accident — $8000

· A second nose job was performed to correct and improve the first nose job. - $15,000

· Ears Pinned back as they were sticking out - $12,000

· Breast reduction from a 32H to 32DD/E. Nipples were removed, sewn on again and flesh folded and liposuction done to each side - $22,000

· Breast Lift - $11,000

· Stomach liposuction to remove excess skin that could not be shifted in the gym - $7000

· Liposuction to hips and thighs - $7000

· November 9, 2006 – Burge’s most recent surgery - lower eyes, tummy tuck, buttock implants, liposuction and fat transfer - $30,200

· Maintenance Treatments Performed On An Annual Basis - Skin peels, dermabrasion, injectable fillers, botox, semi-permanent make-up,teeth bleaching and hair extensions most of which are performed by Burge herself - $40,300 per year.

i wish people would just accept themselves and use the money for better causes.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ruby Red Dorothy shoes!

In my opinion EVERY GIRL who is a girly girl should have (if not already) at least one pair of ruby red Dorothy shoes from the wizard of oz. This just screams fun and sexy, not to mention an eye catcher! The shoes from the movie are out dated and quite frump looking, but new ones are coming out inspired by this film!
So, Major brand name designers, Betsy Jhonson (my idol ), jimmy choo, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik , and much much more are creating their own version of the iconic shoe to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the film! According to the newspaper "The New York Times" this is to raise money for an Aids foundation, and 2 pairs of each shoe will be auctioned off. So they will be exclusive and limited. I for one will never be able to afford something so rare, but i have already 2 pairs of my own :).

I have a pair in heels and flats. The first one is my favorite, it is a peep toe pump(so fifties!),and the picture is bad but there are rhinestones on the bow. So girly girls, go get yourself a pair!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

How NOT to wear logo purses

OK,I've been pondering about this issue for awhile now, and i am finally writing about it! I see people wear bags improperly everywhere! I mean, you cant wear a logo bag without a nice outfit, it just completely cheapens the bag, and it seems like people buy the bag with all the logos because they want people to see that they can buy for the sake of it. This day in age is all label obsessed,to which it seems it's not even about fashion and style anymore, but showing off. Here is a bag for example:

the juicy couture terry cloth tote bag has been long abused. To me this bag should be saved for the BEACH! For goodness sake it is made of TERRYCLOTH! People that i see all around the mall wear this bag paired with nice pants and dress shirts. Seems like they cant dress for the life of them. A nice outfit paired with a beach bag. Just because the bag is expensive, it does not mean the bag is dressed up! that is not the worst case though, i would have to say the worst case is the abused coach canvas logo bag:
With the juicy bag, people always look to dressed up with that bag, now with the coach bag people always looks too dressed down! I see people with the bag every corner i turn and they always look so cheap because they don't know how to wear it properly, which makes the bag look cheap. A little story, one time I saw a lady in her mid 30's wear a whole bunch of coach at one time. she wore coach sneakers, coach cap, and a huge coach tote. She also wore sweatpants and a windbreaker jacket. I took one look at her and thought " she spent her months rent on that outfit" NEVER EVER wear more than one logo piece for an outfit. Just as i said before, this makes you look like you have the logo piece all bunched together to look like you can afford it.
Basically what i am trying to say is, just because you bought an expensive bag it does not mean it will look expensive if you do not wear it properly. Also only one piece of logo at a time, and you really don't need to buy expensive to look a million bucks if you know how to dress.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Unique shoes

There are so many shoe brands out there that just doesn't satisfy me, usually I'll find one or two from the line, which i love, but the love is not consistent. Trends catch on too quickly so a lot of shoes just look the same, or worse trends that have been long gone are JUST showing up at the malls. For instance the gladiator sandal:

I'm sorry if you like them, but to me they are HIDEOUS!! This just screams toga party! please save it for the frat party! Also I'm not surprised to see them because I think they are ugly, but because they have been in and out of style already in high fashion. I read in a magazine in 2006, that these were "out" so i am surprised its back out into the limelight.
Anyway, so I finally found a brand that consistently satifys my hunger for unique shoes, and that brand is : IRREGULAR CHOICE


yes even the BRAND itself it telling you their shoes are out of the ordinary. They can range from funky to fairy tale. so pretty!
some pics:



lovely eh? some people say these styles are strange, but i find them refreshing and quite fascinating. Maybe it is my love for vintage all things vintage, and these make me thing of the renaissance. this brand is not only a shoe, but ART as well, the entire shoe is decorated, from the inside to the sole itself!(which is changed with each collection) now i cant find any good photos of the sole online so i took pics of my own pair this was from the 2005 or 2006 collection:


absolutely beautiful..
so there you have it! the most unique brand of shoes i have ever encountered (sadly they can be very expensive) even more unique than Betsy Jhonson! and i love her!
A shoe and an art piece as well, now that is beautiful


hmm,blogging, a place where you can post your thoughts and opinions. I haven't blogged in so many years. i remember the last time i blogged was in the 6th grade, and my blog entries were mainly about school drama and boys HAHA. OH, also every sentence ended in a smiley face or sad face! what got me back to blogging was when i saw this video on youtube:
how to make money from your blog

how i wish to get paid for my opinions, though i never will since no one will probably give me the time of day.I've also been inspired by a few blogs that i have been reading, who knew i liked blogs! I miss it, so here goes my new journey into blogging!