Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The $1000 Dollar ice cream sundae

( a little off topic but i felt like writing about it)

Its THE most expensive ice cream sundae in the world, Served at "Serendipity" in New York. The name of this is the Grand Opulence, fit for royalty. Who would spend a thousand bucks on ice cream? Well according to Serendipity they sell about 1 sundae a month.

The reason for the high price is the luxurious ingredients from all over the world. This ice cream has it all, ice cream from thaiti, chocolate made with Carribean coco beans, candied fruit from paris, truffles, marzipan cherries, but that is not the best part. All those ingredients are covered with 23k edible GOLD! GOLD! and a tiny bowl of special sweet caviar infused with passion fruit, orange and Armagnac, fresh of course. this is eaten with a 18k gold spoon and a tiny mother of pearl spoon.
I've got to say though, why would anyone want to EAT gold?! I mean its a metal that your body can not digest so you eat gold then poop it out! Oh goodness, I just got an image in my head of somebody sifting through their toliet bowl with a strainer like gold diggers HAHA! Hey you must get it back and make jewerly with it! The gold is so wasted, when you flush the toilet and the gold just sits in the septec tank. I geuss in the end if you can afford to eat gold then why not!

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