Saturday, August 16, 2008

How NOT to wear logo purses

OK,I've been pondering about this issue for awhile now, and i am finally writing about it! I see people wear bags improperly everywhere! I mean, you cant wear a logo bag without a nice outfit, it just completely cheapens the bag, and it seems like people buy the bag with all the logos because they want people to see that they can buy for the sake of it. This day in age is all label obsessed,to which it seems it's not even about fashion and style anymore, but showing off. Here is a bag for example:

the juicy couture terry cloth tote bag has been long abused. To me this bag should be saved for the BEACH! For goodness sake it is made of TERRYCLOTH! People that i see all around the mall wear this bag paired with nice pants and dress shirts. Seems like they cant dress for the life of them. A nice outfit paired with a beach bag. Just because the bag is expensive, it does not mean the bag is dressed up! that is not the worst case though, i would have to say the worst case is the abused coach canvas logo bag:
With the juicy bag, people always look to dressed up with that bag, now with the coach bag people always looks too dressed down! I see people with the bag every corner i turn and they always look so cheap because they don't know how to wear it properly, which makes the bag look cheap. A little story, one time I saw a lady in her mid 30's wear a whole bunch of coach at one time. she wore coach sneakers, coach cap, and a huge coach tote. She also wore sweatpants and a windbreaker jacket. I took one look at her and thought " she spent her months rent on that outfit" NEVER EVER wear more than one logo piece for an outfit. Just as i said before, this makes you look like you have the logo piece all bunched together to look like you can afford it.
Basically what i am trying to say is, just because you bought an expensive bag it does not mean it will look expensive if you do not wear it properly. Also only one piece of logo at a time, and you really don't need to buy expensive to look a million bucks if you know how to dress.

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