Friday, August 22, 2008

Tights Tights and more Tights!!

I think tights are the most amazing thing to add to an outfit you want to show legs.
they give you the ability to wear super short dresses without feeling like a skank, and they put you at ease when you think your buttocks are going to fly out. Also, i am talking about the colored kind NOT the nude opaque kind. Nude tights are gross and not in style right now, and frankly they just make your legs look so really bad and your feet too, so much i cannot explain. I always have a pair of black opaque tights handy when i wear a dress or short shorts. I hope tights never go out of style because i feel they bring a short outfit together and has an air of mystery. There are rules to wear this style though, your outfit has to be above knee otherwise you'll look like a granny.
I really like leggy looks because im short and it makes me look taller. Those already with super long legs look even leaner, which is never a bad thing.
Patterned tights are ALL the rage right now in high fashion, but hasnt really caught on with the general public yet. I get really excited whenever i flip through a magazine and see tights, sometimes i hold my breath because I'm awaiting a new tight style, and hte fact that i worry if ;
they say its out of style. Gladly this fall they are still "IN"!! Here is a look from Dolce&Gabanna:

and Nicole Miler:

SO PRETTY!! I absolutley love the tartan D&G tights, now i would not dress as bold as shown on the runway but it would be great with a plain outfit, so it would a splash of color and pattern, amazing! The Nicole Miller one, which is lacey is great with any short outfit, which is just plain georgous. Hopefully this style will be "in" for a long days to come as it has already lasted a good 2 years.

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