Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of feet and decadent shoes.

Yesterday, as i was walking around, wearing my pretty shoes, I thought to myself this hurts but i dont want to take them off. I have realised something, what I have realised is that (in my opinion) people are attracted to pretty shoes is because we hate our feet. This theory makes sense, I mean, people wear heels,boots, and all sorts of shoes that hurt our feet, but don't care. We wear painful shoes because the thought of the pretty shoe covering our ugly feet, overpowers our urge to take it off. When you put on a nice shoe, it forces your feet into a pretty shape,which reminds me of the ole foot binding in China, days.
In all of history there are storys of small feet, like cinderella and her glass slipper, how her sisters chop off part of their large feet to fit into the small slipper(in the old origional one, not disney). The foot binding in china ofcourse, where little girls bind their feet for YEARS to fit into pretty little slippers. I rememer back in middle school where i read this exerpt from a diary of one of these young girls and she said "when i turned 13 they(feet) finally stopped hurting". That line I've always remembered, and haunts me. In france when there was a revolution all the upper class aristocrats traded in their uncomfortable high heels to flats because they wanted to blend with the peasents and not get killed. The flat was also uncomfortable because they didnt care for comfort, they cared that the shoe made their feet look small.
Even today, people wore shoes too small for their feet just so, they look pretty. I've seen so many feet that just looks deranged and I feel so gratefull that even though my feet are slightly wider than i wish them to be, that my second toe doesn't look too much longer than my big toe, and when i say longer i mean just 2 millimeters longer. Some people get surgery to remove the excess cartilage in the toe which makes it look long. (getting a little off topic?)
well anyways, I just feel that people are attracted to pretty uncomfortable shoes because we hate our feet, and want something pretty to cover it. Theres one thing to like shoes, another to be completly obsessed! There are people there that are. (me slightly included)
btw i really freakin want these!

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