Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lipstick Jolie, and mascara Bette Davis

( this is relevant because it includes makeup and art)
okay so i was on youtube and i found these two AMAZING videos of this artist painting Angelina Jolie with lipsticks bunches of lipsticks, and paints Bette Davis with mascara, boy what an inspiring thing to see. I mean, not only is he using and unusual medium but he is painting Jolie UPSIDE DOWN! And the mascara painting... simply amazing. How many times has girls tried to put on mascara and has smudged? He painted with mascara exquisitly, makes sharp edges with the tool that women battle with everyday. envious? visit his website at:
i would watch the vids if i were you..

How to get Angelina Jolie Lips with Lipstick Speed Painting

MASCARA Speed Painting Bette Davis Eyes

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STARR said...

These are fun! I wish I could draw that fast lol