Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hair Hats, Nagi Noda

These wonderful hair hats are shaped into animal shapes, and I am in much awe. The artists name is Nagi Noda, and I have much respect for her. She passed away recently at the young age of 35, due to complications in surgery; which saddens me dearly, because I have just heard about her and her designs. Also because someone which such imagination and talent is now gone. This entry is for her, and I hope many people hear about her and her desings, because I'm left speechless by them. I want one, I want one baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I would wear mine out proudly even If i got stares, not sure if they are for sale though. I leave you with a short photo montage.
lion, wild boar
giffrafe, dog(dont know what breed)
I am still amazed, and saddened by her passing because of such raw talent.


VanityTreasure said...

Oh my! This is interesting!

Emilita said...

Those are really cool. It's not crafted from the model's own hair, is it? It's just a hat made of hair put on top?

ALINA said...

haha yea its a hat made of hair placed on top of the models head.

Chri said...

wow, very special!