Thursday, September 4, 2008

The aviator leather jacket

So, went shopping the other day and i noticed a new trend in the stores, the aviator jacket. I think its just leather jackets in general, saw some at Gap, Mango, Zara. I've seen a few people on the streets wearing nice leather jackets, and it just adds that extra spunk to an outfit. The jackets were estimated 200 bucks at the different stores and i just didnt have that kinda money to dish out for one trendy jacket. So i did the unthinkable.. i bought a fake leather, or pleather aviator bomber jacket. Like this one, but slightly different:
I was thinking to myself that, even though i promised never to buy fake leather ( i think it can be incredibly tacky) the jacket wasn't half bad, plus it was a trendy item. I decided I'd buy it, so I would have a new jacket for fall/winter. If i ever were to buy a real leather jacket, which i plan to do, i want a nice blazer type one. Something classy, yet has that extra spunk, that will be stylish for a long time. yep plan to in the future

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