Monday, September 8, 2008

mascara, mascara

Givenchy has come up with an amazzing cool new mascara. The formula isn't special, the same curling formula. what is special is BRUSH. The top is a spiky ball that reminds of tongue vibrator studs. This brush as advertised is "Revolutionary" because its a small round ball, the brush can be used with all eye shapes. No more fear of the humoungous brushes that has been out lately. The end result is supposed to be be a panoramic fanned out lash. When i first saw this i was stoked! The brush is just TOO cool! Also, the mascara can only be bought at Sephora, so its exclusive. Then i saw the reviews.... some were loving the product and some hated it. People said it smudged too easy, which is always a nono, at 27 bucks a pop, you want a long lasting, no smudge mascara. Though, the brush is still cool.

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