Sunday, September 7, 2008

meet Frankenstein, the shoe...

picture says it all.
So, Steve Madden decided to make a heel, that looks a lot like a poor girl who could not get any heels for her own so she cut up a few sneakers to make her own. what was he thinking? this shoe is the Frankenstein of all shoes!! with bits and pieces coming from what looks like 7 different pairs of shoes/ sneakers. I saw this a while back at good ole Steve's but when i saw a copy cat version at Bakers, i waas stunned anyone would want to recreate it. Is this supposed to be fashionable? I cringe when i see this butchered shoe.

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The Fashion Police said...

Steve Madden didn't dream it up all by himself, though - it's a direct copy of a very famous Balenciaga shoe from a few seasons back.