Saturday, October 4, 2008

human hair coats, the new fur!

second photo is Maison Martin Margiela

wow, is all i can think of, i mean its ugly, but its so ugly that its intriguing. Not that i would actually WEAR it, but its intriguing. For some reason when i see these designs i get a sense of, that there was a message, a meaning behind it, but it may just be me. Since it is fall season again, ofcourse fur is back. Well, maybe the designers wanted to be different! maybe they wanted to show to world that if people wear another being's fur then why not a humans? our hair. It's like showing the world how it would be to wear a humans "fur" put it in our eyes what we are doing to animals for their skin and fur, but then again, it may just be me.

both pictures were taken from:
go read their blog! very interesting

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